The Problem

Christmas is coming and friends ask you what you want. You have a list in your head as long as your arm, but you're too polite, embarrassed or you just can't think of a thing at that moment. So you say "ah nothing, thanks - I have everything I want" or "surprise me".

So, you end up getting nothing you want, a disappointing surprise or maybe nothing at all!


Our Dream

We dream of a future where gifting-getting and gift-giving is a social activity that is easy and successful for all.


How it works

It's simple. If you have a birthday, wedding, anniversary or are expecting a new baby, friends and family will bring you gifts.

NiftyGiftApp allows you to create a list of the gifts you really want which will make their gift buying decisions easier and your gift receiving life better!

Start for free in just 3 easy steps:

1. Sign up    2. Create your Wishlist    3 Share your Wishlist

Your friends will no longer agonise over what gifts to get for you and you will receive the gifts you want.


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